Trendy Color Combinations

To all the boys out there ,Cannot decide difference between the contrasts and color combinations? Depended on your wife or mother to pick out clothes for you? Well, you might not be the only one to do this, there are many people who faces the same issue every morning while getting ready. But the stress is completely justice, as you cannot afford to go wrong with your outfit mainly in terms of color combination because it is considered to be the most basic feature of dressing. As fashion comes and goes, you might witness the evolution of colors too and so it is important to stay updated. In this article, we will be discussing about shirt and pants color combination that are ruling the fashion industry. Take a look below;

Aqua with a navy color

You can opt an aqua color shirt and pair it with navy color pant to set a right impression to the world out there. Also, you can pair up your navy color pants with light shades of shirt such as light yellow, white, beige, baby pink and light green has these colors will also go extremely well.

Cream with a blue color

Image result for cream pant combination with baby pink

Cream color brings out a similar elegance that of white. Pair up your cream color pant along with colors like blue, red and green or any such such darker deeper shade. This combination is great to be worn for special occasions or while attending a party.

Beige with a maroon color

Apparently, maroon is one of the most underrated color but you can flaunt a maroon shirt paired with a beige colored pant confidently has it is a one trending combination today. You can also go for a purple, brown, green and black shirts to pair it up with beige, khaki or tan colored trouser.

Grey with white

Grey might seem to be a dull color but if paired right then it can make your personality look stronger. Pair grey color trousers with baby pink, sky blue and white shirt that would give a stunning look. You can also experiment with darker shades of shirt like burgundy to match up with your grey trouser.

All that you need is a perfect Shirt and pants color combination which indeed refreshes your personality making you confident to stand out in crowd. To know more about fashion, stay connected to us. Thank you for reading.

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